NZVel Enhance Bio Deer Velvet

The only Enhance Bio formula in the world

NZVel Enhance Bio is positioned to give greater support for joint pain, arthritis and general health. We have added four ingredients to our Patented Bio Active Deer Velvet that will aid joint pain, arthritis and support general health.

NZVel Enhance Bio would benefit anyone with sore joints, arthritis or if you are just looking for an amazing general health supplement.

Each NZVel Enhance Bio capsule contains:
Bio Active Deer Velvet - 147.5mg
Glucosamine - 150mg
Green Lipped Mussel - 100mg
Chondroitin - 95mg
Vitamin C+E - 7.5mg
We recommend taking 3-4 capsules a day, in the morning 30 minutes before food.

Bio Active Deer Velvet - A patented process that allows the body up to 70% absorption.

Glucosamine -
an important ingredient in the production of the proteoglycans or water holding molecules in cartilage. The more glucosamine the more proteoglycans. Glucosamine is also necessary for the production of the thick synovial fluid in the joints.
Deer Velvet is also one of the most natural sources of Glucosamine in the world.

Green Lipped Mussel - Contains many kinds of omega 3; EPA, DHA, ETA, OTA, etc. These are all essential for the human body. Green Lipped Mussel Extract also contains a rich blend of natural proteins, minerals and mucopolysaccharides. These naturally occurring Mussel Extract substances are increasingly being recognised as helping joint mobility, cartilage maintenance, good health and general well being.

Chondroitin - Chondroitin has an anti-inflammatory effect. It helps inhibit the breakdown of cartilage, and contains helpful enzymes which remove damaged cells. Types A, B and C - attract the cushioning fluid back into the cartilage, which acts as a shock absorber and brings nourishment and lubrication to the cartilage.
Deer Velvet is also one of the most natural sources of Chondroitin in the world.

Vitamin C+E - The main function of vitamin C is that it helps in the synthesis of collagen. Collagen is an important component of ligaments, blood vessels, bone and tendons. It is found throughout the body, present in cartilage and connective tissues and is used to separate skeletal and smooth muscle cells. Vitamin E is involved in maintaining cell integrity, and it protects vitamin A and essential fatty acids from oxidation in the body cells.

Deer Velvet products currently sold today provide the body with an average of 18%-22% absorption, absorbing 90mg of Deer Velvet for every 500mg of Deer Velvet consumed. NZVel patented Bio Active Deer Velvet products allow the body to absorb up to 70%, this allows you to absorb 103mg for every 147mg of Deer Velvet consumed and over 300mg for every 500mg consumed. This is of HUGE importance, as the body needs the correct dosage without excess waste to obtain the full benefits of the Deer Velvet.
(Traditional Deer Velvet is generally sold in 250mg and 500mg capsules).

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