Bio Active Deer Velvet Antler

Find out what makes our Deer Velvet so amazing

NZVel New Zealand Deer Velvet is the Best on the market today! This is due to our patented formula that allows the body to absorb up to 70%.  

What is NZVel Bio-Active Deer Velvet Antler?
The fermentation of NZVel Deer Velvet Antler brings about a great change in the composition of Deer Velvet Antler, converting high molecular weight proteins into low molecular weight proteins and polypeptides, so that the Deer Velvet Antler herb medicine is greatly improved in uptake rate in the body. Traditionally, Deer Velvet Antler herbal medicine was boiled for very long hours before it was taken orally. This could destroy other nutrients in Deer Velvet Antler. A patent fermentation process, used by NZVel breaks down large molecules and increases the body uptake rate by converting proteins into low molecular water extractable polypeptides. Metabolic processes occur in the aqueous phase in the body. Thus the NZVel tablets can show enhanced medicinal effects of Deer Velvet Antler which is described by traditional Chinese herbal medicine at a small amount.
The protein profile assay study using HPLC gel filtration chromatography showed that the graph of Bio-Active Deer Velvet Antler has shifted to the right indicating increase in the quantity of extractable water-soluble components in a sample relative to standard processed Deer Velvet Antler

PATENT information:
US Patent:
Australia Patent: 681670
New Zealand Patent: 248309
Korean Patent: 0329365  

Deer Velvet products currently sold today provide the body with an average of 18%-22% absorption, letting you absorb 90mg of Deer Velvet for every 500mg of Deer Velvet consumed. NZVel patented Bio Active Deer Velvet products allow the body to absorb up to 70%, this allows you to absorb 147mg for every 210mg of Deer Velvet consumed and over 300mg for every 500mg consumed. This is of HUGE importance, as the body needs the correct dosage without excess waste to obtain the full benefits of the Deer Velvet. (Traditional Deer Velvet is generally sold in 250mg and 500mg capsules).

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